How 3di Software Usability can work with you

We offer a flexible service that integrates with the way you and your development team prefer to work, for desktop software and web applications.

Usability evaluations

Usability testing, reports, and recommendations.Read to

Ideal for investigating why users struggle with a specific area of functionality or for building a prioritised set of usability improvements needed in your next development phase. Some clients also make use of this service when their product is close to release - to make sure there aren't any serious usability issues which are going to impact on the success of the product.

3di Software Usability can design and run a set of usability tests on your product, and then provide video recordings of the tests along with your selected level of reporting and recommendations on the findings. This gives you an in-depth view of where users struggle with your software.

For many software businesses, this is the most practical way to take first steps in improving usability - it's quick, relatively low-cost, and removes the guesswork from discussions about how users interact with your product. Our usability evaluation starter package includes a batch of usability tests and a summary of issues found, and is a good first step in improving usability.

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Partnership with your development team

Usability testing and expertise alongside the development process. Read to read more...

You can save costs in your development process by building in user experience early in the process. Maximise usability as far as possible before you fully implement, test and document the software, and you save money on making changes and supporting users later in the process. Making use of insight from usability testing also means you reduce the time spent arguing about what's best for users.

3di Software Usability can provide usability testing and user experience expertise alongside your development process. Depending on your needs, we provide pecialists to input to designs, and to test and provide feedback on features as your development teams are working on them.

We tailor our service to the way your development team prefers to work - making this an easy way to start building user experience into your development life cycle. We find this approach is particularly well suited to agile development processes, where features are implemented in small batches and product features and designs are often in flux right up until code freeze.

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Advice on embedding user assistance into a UI

Optimise the UI to support discovery and learning. Read to read more...

Getting the words right in your user interface is essential to software usability... yet decisions are often made through guesswork. In our usability testing we see time after time that text, pop-ups, tooltips, and links to more information on video (all collectively known as"embedded user assistance") have a huge impact on what it's like to use a product. Spending time on these makes for a more usable product, and reduces the need for writing separate help topics or manuals.

What's more, gaining a better view of how users interact with your software enables your team to make better informed decisions about what help to provide to them - so no more need to write and maintain detailed help topics about all the functionality in your UI "just in case" the user gets stuck. (We've seen our approach reduce the word-count of help systems by up to 75%!)

3di Software Usability can design and run a batch of usability tests on your product, and use the findings to advise on terminology, areas of the UI that do - or don't! - need additional assistance, and functionality that will require additional support in the form of online help or video. We can also combine the findings with our knowledge of industry best-practice - to provide independent evaluation and advice on the best ways of providing assistance and learning materials for your users.

If required, we can also provide an expert to improve and develop the wording and embedded user assistance in your software.

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User research

Make use of insight from users to improve your software.Read to read more...

We can help you get a better understanding of your users by carrying out interviews and surveys, developing personas, or advising on ways to make your business processes more user-centric. If you need to get to know your users better, get in touch and we'll advise on the best approach to take.

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Not sure what you need? Our usability starter evaluation package is designed for you. It includes a set of usability tests and videos plus a report on key issues and recommendations - perfect for informing decisions about your user experience priorities.

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