Software usability case study: Mintedbox

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Helping Mintedbox take their online editing platform from beta to release-ready.

" we’d spent quite a while thinking we’d made our web2mint application easy and clear to use, only to find out that we hadn’t achieved it! "

Iain Bell, Director

Mintedbox make web2mint, a web-based editor for users without design backgrounds to create sophisticated flyers, catalogues, school yearbooks.

To be successful, the application needs to be really easy to use, straight away and with minimal learning curve. The team had spent time on design aspects and thinking about the user experience, and Beta feedback was positive... However, there still seemed to be something stopping users from really making use of the application’s features for themselves.

How 3di Software Usability helped

We designed and carried out a usability evaluation, based on a set of usability tests on key features. We ran the tests remotely, and moderated them so that we could intervene to really dig into the candidates’ thought processes and understand what was happening at "sticky" spots.

This enabled us to not only identify usability issues, but also understand the issues well enough to make recommendations about how to fix them.

Here's a snippet from one of the test videos:

Reports and results

We provided Mintedbox with a video of each test, including the test candidates’ commentary along with mouse clicks and keyboard activity. We also provided a report summarising main usability issues and suggestions for addressing them.


The Mintedbox development team are implementing changes based on our findings along with their own conclusions from viewing the videos. They plan to re-test the application once they’re done, to confirm their changes have addressed the usability issues ... without introducing new ones.

" a ‘must have’ process for websites and software "

Iain Bell, Director