Software usability case study: WeSayWePay

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Helping WeSayWePay move their crowd funding site for community action projects from a successful beta to ready for launch.

"Very good stuff. We found out just what we wanted to know."

Barret Stanboulian, Founder

WeSayWePay is an online fundraising platform for community projects. The site hosts a range of capabilities to give individuals a new way to raise the cash for projects of local or personal importance through crowd-funding - effectively a modern-day equivalent of pub- or church-collections.

To be successful, the functionality needs to enable non-expert web users to set up and manage project pages, initiate and monitor fund-raising, and enable contributors to support and donate to projects. Because the site deals with fundraising, each page needs to reassure the user that the site is trustworthy.

How 3di Software Usability helped

We designed and carried out a usability evaluation, based on a set of usability tests on key features, giving specific attention to a sign-up page where data from web analytics presented an unclear picture of users' behaviour and activity.

WeSayWePay home page

We Say We Pay home page

This enabled us both to confirm many areas of functionality which were already easy to use and to identify a range of usability issues, from small problems with a form through to a mismatch between users' expectations and the workflow within part of the site.

Reports and results

We provided WeSayWePay with a video of each test, including the test candidates’ commentary along with mouse clicks and keyboard activity. In addition, a mini-survey summarised users' experience of ease-of-use of the application for each of the tasks we asked them to complete.

Finally, we also provided a report summarising main usability issues and outlining how to address them.

"Your report and test videos are going straight to our developers for the next phase of work"

Barret Stanboulian, Founder