Improving software user experience doesn't have to be complicated

3di Software Usability provides a range of straightforward services to help you
understand your users and make your desktop software and web applications more usable.

First steps in user experience? Our usability evaluation starter package is designed for you. A set of usability tests and a report on key issues and improvement recommendations lets you see your users in action and decide on your usability priorities.

Something for the longer term? We partner with your development team to add usability testing and user experience expertise to your normal development processes, so you can build in usability without needing to expand your team.

More usable software works harder for your business

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What's holding your software back?

Software companies in many sectors are finding that user experience has become an important differentiating factor; other businesses are finding that poor user experience is costing them money in supporting users. Whatever the reason for improving software usability, usability testing makes an excellent first step: it is relatively inexpensive, brings user-insight direct to development teams, and not only highlights issues but also provides insight into how to solve them.

What would you like to know?

  • Can users complete key tasks without help? If not, what stops them?
  • Is using your software a pleasure or a chore?
  • If nothing's broken, why do your support team spend so much time helping users?
  • Do users understand your terminology?
  • Is there anything in your upcoming release that might get in the way of optimal usability?
  • What's going on when users hit known troublespots in the application?
  • Can users recover from errors on their own? If not, what can you do to help them?
  • Are your new "killer" features visible to users? Or do they not notice them?
  • Can users install or upgrade without needing to contact your support team?
  • Do your help or training materials actually work as intended to improve users' ability to work with your software?
  • Does your latest release enable users to work more (or less!) efficiently?
  • Can users find help if they need it?
  • ...